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Business Start-up Course

Unemployment is today’s biggest problem and a serious issue of concern. Lakhs of students graduate every year. Very few of them gets satisfactory job, remaining students struggle to get absorbed in job market. Large number of students starts preparation for competitive examination but eventually after rigorous preparation of more than six to ten years they fail to crack any examination. It leads to frustration of students who have wasted their valuable time. Unemployment of such students is major issue of concern.

There are some students who are not satisfied with the job, they want to start their own business to create their own identity but they are not aware about- what to start, when to start, how to start and where to start. Because of lack of direction on business start-up process they compromise their life with unsatisfied job. Even-though some students start their business set-up under poor direction, eventually they face business crisis and sacrifice their confidence.

IMSR Nagpur’s unique Business Start-up Course is designed for students who wish to start their own business but do not have proper direction. Perhaps this is only course in India which teaches more than forty new business concepts including e-commerce, ethanol manufacturing, food processing and many more. IMSR Nagpur’s research team regularly conducts market research to identify new business opportunities and guide students on these new business ideas.

Unlike other institutions, IMSR Nagpur do not leave their students just after training. Business start-up and incubation is main support system provided for students after completion of the course. Students are guided for legal registration process, factory planning, brand selection, trademark registration, brand development, raw material availability and other business incubation support.  

Once student starts their business, IMSR Nagpur provides them market link to market their product. Initially their products can be launched through ‘Lifon’ which is specially designed socio-entrepreneurial project to support budding entrepreneurs.     

IMSR Nagpur’s unique Business start-up course is appreciated by several authorities and students. We are successful in making more than 260 successful entrepreneurs within two years. 

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