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Hospital Administration

Healthcare and Hospitals are rapidly growing sectors around the globe. A hospital is busting treatment center for patients, and a complex, interdisciplinary workplace for healthcare professional. Hospital Administrator is a person who shoulders responsibility of hospital to run it smoothly to serve the patients. As the head of operations, a hospital administrator oversees clinical units, departments or an entire hospital. These professionals manage personnel, finances and facility practices according to a distinct set of policies and procedures established.

As hospitals becoming an increasingly complex technical environment to serve the needy persons, it needs new-age skillful administrator who co-ordinates patients, physicians, and staff. IMSR Nagpur’s Hospital Administration course aims to develop a cadre of professional administrators who can manage the hospital professionally. Main objective of this program is to groom effective administrators to cater the ever-increasing need of hospitals.

This course prepares students for leadership roles in the hospital sector through rigorous training in planning, operational and project management of hospitals including orientation in the managerial aspects of clinical and support services. The program also imparts training in managing financial, material and information systems in hospital settings and builds the perspectives, attitudes and skills needed for managing people.

Understanding the need of hour, we have designed one year certificate course in Hospital Administration which grooms student rigorously in professional aspects of hospital management. After completion of course, students find jobs to manage a variety of specialised services in hospitals both in the private and in government sectors. Their job description includes managing various departments of large hospitals as well as planning and designing new services and new hospitals. There are also job opportunities arising in hospital consultancy firms, health care IT industry, and the health insurance sector.

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